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12-15-2019, 10:43 PM
The rules should not be too overwhelming or difficult to follow. We have a very open-minded and non-restrictive format to how we run our forums, but, of course, there are still things that are considered appropriate for this board and things that are considered as inappropriate for this board. Please take your time reading the following outline of rules and your time here should be a problem free and fun experience as it was intended to be for all of our users.

Number 1

Keep Swearing to a minimum

Keep swearing and offensive language to a minimum. There isn't a strict ban on using swear words on the forum, but this is a forum for a family orientated series, so there should not be excessive crude language. if you feel it necessary to swear, keep in mind that these posts will be looked at by the administrators carefully and if it is considered to be too much for the board, you may be reprimanded for it.

Number 2

No talking about or sharing pirated or pornographic content

Please keep in mind that this kind of content is considered illegal in most countries and will be strictly abided by on this forum. The posting of ROMS, links to pirating website, or pornography of any kind will not be tolerated here and will lead to an immediate banning of your account.

Number 3

There will be no trolling or bullying of other users.

Everyone likes a get joke and users are certainly encouraged to always have thick skin when you are on the internet, but that is no excuse to be an outright bully or troll and make people feel unwelcome here. This community is open to all and "mob mentality" and excessive trolling ad sarcasm are frowned upon.

Number 4

Please do not double post frequently.

Double-posting in The Place for Nonsense is completely acceptable. Post four or five times in a row if you feel the need to. On the other parts of the board, however, please refrain from doing so at an excessive rate. It is usually better to use the edit button if you want to add more to your last post. There are of course exceptions such as role-playing, fan fiction, and other such places where posting multiple times could be necessary, but please keep the above in mind when going to add another post.

Number 5

Use the report button respectfully.

Do not just use the report button as a means to show that you do not agree with someone or something was said that you did not like. The report button should only be used if a user is breaking the any of the rules in this section.

Number 6

Keep your personal information to yourself.

Do not share your password with anyone. It is recommended that you do not share any other personal information with users on this site or elsewhere on the internet for your own safety. If you choose to do so, there is nothing that the administrators or the moderators of this forum can do. Please remember that you alone are responsible for keeping your information private. Nobody can force you to share anything if you do not want to.

Number 7

Please use the spoiler button to hide any spoilers.

Please keep in mind that not everyone wants to immediately know what is currently happening in any game or series at any given time. Use the spoiler buttons when talking about new content that has just leaked or arrived in any other form to keep from spoiling the experience for any other user on the forum.

Number 8

Please do not use more than one account.

There should be no reason to need more than one account on this forum. It is, of course, okay to have multiple accounts per household if you have a brother or sister or boyfriend or girlfriend or so on and so forth who wants to join the website, but please stick to one account. Your username can be changed by an administrator, too. Simply send a PM to one of the administrators of the forum and that can be done without the need to create a completely different account instead.

Number 9

Please keep in mind constructive criticism and be able to handle criticism.

The best possible thing you can do to express something you do not like is to still be respectful about it. Try to explain why you do not like something or what could be improved about it. Of course you should also be able to deal with criticism if someone doesn't agree with you. It isn't the end of the world. Everyone has their own opinions and on a forum community like this people will most definitely come to blows with each other every once in a while. The most important thing to remember is how to handle it the best possible way.

Number 10

Be respectful and friendly toward the many different people you will come in contact with on this forum.

Everyone has their own opinions and who they are and what they believe in or think is right and wrong. There is no one size fits all to that kind of thing on forum communities, so just be respectable and friendly to everyone around you. This doesn't mean you can't have your own opinion and be rooted in on that decision, but there's no real reason to be uncouth and rude about it. Think about what you say before you say it and things should continue in a smooth as possible way on the forum.


About signatures and pictures

There isn't too much, but please keep the following in mind because otherwise your content might be edited or removed.

Signature pictures are not allowed to be any wider than 1200px and no taller than 400px. The file size limit is currently 400kb. You will not immediately see an error message if you bypass these limits, but an administrator or moderator may remove or edit the image if you do not follow the size limit. This is to save server room and page load times. Thank you in advance for following the signature limits and rules.


These rules are a reference sheet for the kind of thing we expect to see present on the forum, but it can't possibly cover everything. If you're not sure about something, just think about or ask an administrator or a moderator first.

Ultimately, when in doubt, just think to yourself... what would a strange dragonfly do?