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01-03-2020, 11:18 PM
this is a fan fiction i wrote based in the tlos universe. i wrote it a while back to put on deviantart but then drama and i closed my account.

i only ever wrote one chapter but i decided to post it here. i know my grammar is bad but hopefully the story is okay. ^^


Candella: In the Shadow of a Legend


candella is the main character of this story. she is a black dragon who grew up in a land inhabited by the grublins.
this story takes place several years after dawn of the dragon, in a time where the grublins have been secluded into a small territory separate from the land inhabited by the cheetahs moles and dragons.

chapter 1:
my name is candella. thats what i go by anyway. i dont know what my parents might have named me, or even if they ever did name me. im a dragon girl whose egg was abandoned in the land of the grublins, the creatures that once served the so-called "dark master", malefore.
its hardly a luxorious life out here. quite unlike the life a dragon normally lives in the dragon city im sure. for example, today i woke up in a pile of rubble i call my "nest." this is a new nest i just finished last night because a grublin actually stole my last one.
i let out a yawn and spread my torn up wings. i begin coughing, probably because of all the soot from the destroyed environment.
i look up above me and see a couple of winged creatures flying in front of the sun. i make believe that theyre dragons, maybe even my parents, coming back for me at last. of course, i know this isnt the case.
"wyverns..." i mutter to myself.
a grublin approaches me from behind. i know him. his name is gwembeshe.
"what do you want?" i ask him.

"lets go flying on the wyverns!"
ordinarily i try to keep my interactions with this guy to a minimum, but now and then he makes an offer i cant refuse. he happens to be in charge of the wyverns and he sometimes lets me ride on top of them. because my wings are so torn up, i can only glide for short distances so i enjoy riding the wyverns quite a bit. but i know that when he makes offers it usually means he wants something. still like i said, i cant refuse.
"sure" i say slyly, trying not to seem too excited.
we walk over to a fenced in area where the wyverns have landed. im honestly not sure what the fences are for, seeing as the wyverns can fly right over.
we each approach a wyvern and he mounts the one in front of him.
"hop on!" he says, and i do so.
many other grublins are mounting wyverns. i guess theyre joining us too.
gwembeshe gives the reigns a tug and his wyvern takes off. i stare up in awe for a short while before copying, and my wyvern also takes off. we are followed by the others.
the feeling of being in the air is absolutely amazing. i look from side to side taking in all of the scenery around me. of course, it isnt the most beautiful scenery there is. that would probably be the valley i see sometimes out in the distance, but thats well beyond our territory.
speaking of, i notice were flying a bit closer to the edge of our territory than we usually would.
"gwembeshe" i begin. "shouldnt we turn around now?"
he doesnt respond and we continue to fly closer to the border.
"dont you want to see warfang?"
warfang: the dragon city. the grublins have been forbidden from entering the city ever since the dark masters defeat. could it really be? are we going there?
we continue flying forward, and surely, we do come closer to the dragon city. ive never seen it so close. i can make out streets and buildings. im absolutely in awe. from the corner of my eye i see gwembeshe look over at me but he doesnt say anything. my eyes are fixed on the city as we actually begin flying over it. suddenly i hear something.
what the?
fire and smoke begin flowing up from the city. i see some of the wyverns that were following me and gwembeshe descend upon the city.
"gwembeshe, no!" i say.
"it's time we take the dragon city." he responds.
"no, i didnt agree to this!" i answer.
"too bad." he says. "we need you. if you dont help us we will all die! do you want that?"
i dont have the time to respond before something strikes the wyvern im riding, sending me straight down into the city.
i hit the ground so hard that i bounce off of my back into the air. i twist my body around so that i can land on my feet. immediately i see grublins fighting moles, the inhabitants of the dragon city other than the dragons.
ive always been bothered by moles. why were they able to form a peaceful relationship with the dragons when the grublins were never even given a chance? even so i woudnt have dreamed of fighting with them if not for this...
i suddenly feel a sharp pain in my backside, which causes me to violently whip my body around striking something with my tail. i see a mole holding a spear, presumably the source of the sharp pain. he prepares another attack and i quickly respond by breathing fire at him.
theres no turning back now.
surrounded by warring moles and grublins, i engage in battle also. several moles attack me and i fight them off using my tail claws and fire breath.
suddenly a blast of fire knocks away all of the grublins. this wasnt a simple explosion. this fire was controlled, similar to my own fire breath.
i see a dragon standing in front of me. hes much bigger than i am. his wings are enormous his horns are long and he has a stern but calm look in his eyes. also, his scales are purple.
"spyro! thank goodness youve returned!" one of the moles shout. "we need your help."
"ill take care of it." the purple dragon answers.
suddenly he looks at me.
"who are you? are you with the grublins?"
"i, uh..."
i cant find the words to speak. ive never seen a dragon other than myself in person before. then he does something i find very odd. he smiles at me.
"how did you get mixed up with these guys?" he says.
all of a sudden i find myself being lifted into the air.
a wyvern has lifted me up and is carrying me away from the dragon city.
"wait!" the purple dragon cries out.
"spyro! we need your help extinguishing the fires." says one of the moles.
as im being carried away i keep staring at the dragon until he leaves my line of sight. for some reason he has a sad look on his face.
eventually the wyvern drops me off in a place thats within our territory, far from the dragon city. i see gwembeshe nearby.
he looks at me before turning away.
"what did you think?" he asks.
"what did i think? of what?"
"what you saw."
"the dragon city? it was..." i pause briefly. id hate to let my guard down around this guy. "it was just as i thought it would be."
"and as for the dragon?"
im silent for another moment.
"the dragon?" i begin. "you know how i feel about other dragons. they left me here with you guys. ill always hate them for that."
he chuckles.
"well then..." he begins. "how would you feel if i told you... that dragon may be your father?"
my eyes widen in surprise.
"if that were true..." i say. "i might hate him even more."


thats all for now. what do you think? please go easy on me its my first attempt at a fan fiction.

thank you for reading. ^^

01-03-2020, 11:54 PM
um, like...

is there more?

that was pretty legit, I need to figure out what's going on!

Kimmy the Incredible
01-04-2020, 02:36 PM
oh my goodness, finally a fan fiction writer on the board. yes.

i thought it was pretty good to be honest with you. i definitely want the second chapter to read. keep it up! this is an interesting story. no one writes spyro-related fan fictions anymore these days.

01-04-2020, 03:01 PM
Someone get this girl a contract with Acti right now, this should be canon...!

01-04-2020, 03:24 PM
It was great fan fiction. I've read it 2 twice already and want to know what could happen next. :)

01-04-2020, 03:25 PM
Wow. it's been a while since I read a Spyro fan fiction. I liked it. It was a little bit short but it was good. I hope to you that you write more.

01-04-2020, 03:44 PM
This is a great fan fiction. :)

I never thought what it would be like for Spyro to have a daughter! D: I have to know if it's true! :)

01-04-2020, 07:07 PM
wow. thanks for all of the feed back every one. i was putting off reading the comments in here all day because i was afraid it would all be negative, but im very happy every one seems to have enjoyed it.

unfortunately like i said, i wrote this a while back and i never got the chance to post it so i never continued the story... i just posted it here on a whim.

maybe ill keep writing now that ive gotten some positive feed back. i still have ideas for where it would go next, i just have to type them up.

thanks again. ^^

Kimmy the Incredible
01-04-2020, 07:30 PM
ah okay. well i hope you do find the time to write more besides someone making an rp or something we need more fan fiction on here. we need more decent fan fiction period.

01-04-2020, 07:44 PM
Exactly! I want more like, now, but take your time if you have to. ;)