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  1. Sooooooooooooo, which game is your favorite from the Reignited Trilogy I guess?
  2. The Terrador Thread!
  3. Wierd things you used to do when you played Spyro games
  4. Who is your favorite character from each series or overall?
  5. is spyro better with or without thumbs?
  6. is spyro better with or without thumbs - poll version
  7. Favorite soundtrack?
  8. If they made a "The Legend of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy" would you play it?
  9. I just thought of something!
  10. Favorite collectible?
  11. something that i never understood...
  12. if you could have any of the handheld games made into a Reignited-like game which one
  13. Real world locations that look like Spyro levels
  14. What do you want next for the Spyro series?
  15. The resemblence is uncanny...
  16. Would you play a spyro game about an older more adult spyro?
  17. if you could have a pet spyro would you change his name?
  18. Characters you wish were playable?
  19. Spyro characters with different voices
  20. Animals you would have liked to see in the Spyro Universe?
  21. what crossovers other than crash would you like to see?
  22. Is anyone else unsettled by this?
  23. Other genres that you would play as a Spyro game
  24. How many of the celebrety voices from TLoS did you know beforehand
  25. Things that scared you in Spyro games?
  26. Characters from other series that look like Spyro characters
  27. Funniest moments?
  28. Spyro live-action!
  29. when is sparx a ladykiller?
  30. Vocal tracks
  31. Things that have nothing to do with Spyro that remind you of Spyro?
  32. When Spyro gets mad in TLOS
  33. Spyro characters' names in different regions