View Full Version : The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

  1. i'm one of those people who enjoyed the game for what it was, your favorite levels?
  2. can igniteus still breath fire when he becomes the chronicler?
  3. so were the golems of the deep something that was before or after malefor you think?
  4. does anyone else like how malefor looks on ds?
  5. Where does Sparx go afterward?
  6. How difficult was it to beat malefor for you?
  7. what level gave you the most trouble or were you stuck on for the longest time?
  8. do the moons ever align again?
  9. does the old chronicler die?
  10. The other guardians should be in it more
  11. Whenever I read golem
  12. why cant spyro control time anymore?
  13. the manual says "cyder"
  14. dark form spyro and cynder should be playable :(