View Full Version : Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

  1. This is the appreciation thread to show how much you do like Enter the Dragonfly....!
  2. What was that thing about the pirate protection on this game again?
  3. Who's your favorite baby dragonfly?
  4. Speaking about it now was there any pirate protection on this game too like in YofD?
  5. Where are the levels in this game located?
  6. Year of the dragon?
  7. Try to tell me that the scenery isn't beautiful!
  8. why do the baby dragonflies run?
  9. Why do some of the Riptocs in this game look just like the Rhynocs?
  10. if you could live in a beautiful house in any home world where would you pick?
  11. what is your favorite home world or level in the game