View Full Version : Spyro the Dragon

  1. When was the first time you played Spyro the Dragon?
  2. Which version of the game d you have? normal or collectors?
  3. Why was Spyro harassing sheep?
  4. Which soundtrack belonged o which level?
  5. Everyone always says the fairies are the only babes in this game...
  6. what was the appeal to this game in the 90s?
  7. Advice fom the elder that dragons that can be applied to the real world.
  8. Who is your favorite (and least favorite) enemy in the game?
  9. Dragonfly eggs
  10. Be honest...
  11. least favorite level based on difficulty?
  12. Would you have played this game if Spyro was green like he was going to be at first?
  13. How is Gnasty's name supposed to be said?
  14. Do you think it would've been better if tom kenny was doing the voices from the start
  15. was spyro really going to have a different name?
  16. is the game too short
  17. the fastest time that you were able to complete the game.